Final DigiPack

Using both InDesign and Photoshop, I created my final digipack which adhered to the conventions of my genre of music.  I have added a barcode, copyright information and a record label logo. I have also made a cover for the inside left, I decided to keep it very simple and just have the initials ‘SM’ on it.



Evaluation Question 1


I believe that my media product both uses and develops forms and conventions of real media products as it arguably represents the stereo typical mis en scene associated with horror films. Firstly the title of my film ‘Vulnerable’ clearly draws on conventions of real media products as its meaning ‘susceptible to being wounded or hurt,’ is often related to horror and psychological issues.  My development of such form further evident in the fact, my film title is short and sharp immediately indication to the audience what the film is about. In addition, I feel that my choice of font  also develops conventions of real media products, not only because of it’s gothic style which is befitting with the genre of horror but predominately due to it’s simplicity. Often I find that overly elaborate font choices can in fact distract the audience from the real essence of the title sequence, for this reason many media products frequently opt for slightly more modest font choices in honour to make the right compromise. My development of such forms is further apparent in the rugged appearance of my titles which I achieved through experimenting in after effects. I have used ink to represent blood of some type slowly closing in on the words. Similar title transitions can also be seen in other  horror films such as Blood Runs Cold and dawn of the dead, furthermore my main title is much like the main title of The walking dead as the fonts are very similar which creates a sinister atmosphere. Secondly my chosen location of a forrest is extremely stereotypical for horror films, such as the ring, as locations like these are often isolated and hard to escape from. In this sense it can be said that my media product challenges forms of real media products to a certain extent.

Finally, unlike mine most horror films are usually set at night in order to accentuate the sinister ambience of these various locations, I decided to shoot my film in the day as the narrative works much better this way. Further more in post production I enhanced this environment by implementing effects in ‘looks’, I added the effect ‘Fujifilm REALA 500D’, this made the footage look professional and lowered the saturation. I also added several vignette presets to certain shot to dull the image and give the sequence a more eerie atmosphere, therefore I believe that on the whole my title sequence powerfully uses conventions of real media products.

Similarly the costumes and props used in my title sequence also conform to the conventions of real media products. As one of the main characters of my film is a seemingly innocent young girl. This type of costume is also seen in other horror films, for example the character of Carrie Anne who is also a small young girl of a similar age to my character. This type of clothing sets the scene and evokes the genre of horror to the audience, this choice of costume is also perceived as quite forbidding and clearly portrays the the role of a mentally disturbed young girl. Therefore these clothes allow my narrative to come across conspicuously despite the short duration of the tile sequence consequently giving the audience a decent idea of what the final film will be about. Evidently my costume is distinctly relative to the stereotypical forms of real media products of the same genre. In terms of props I used a rope to tie my actress sofia to the tree, this made the scene tense as the young girl had to escape from the rope. This ultimately gives the audience a hints about the psychological influences of my film.

Evaluation Question 2


In order to evaluate how social groups are represented in my media product, I firstly needed to research the typical leading roles in horror films, I then compared my main character to characters with similar roles in other horror films, to demonstrate my products representation of specific social groups.  My main character played by my friend sofia, is initially a perfectly normal young girl, however as the film progresses she changes, and so does her appearance. I cast sofia, not only because of her seemingly innocent appearance, but also because of her great acting skills and surprising enthusiasm towards horror films. In very casual clothing I feel that sofia fits in with the common theme seen in horror movies as the casual clothing doesn’t give away too much, this therefore successfully represents the unnerving character that I envisioned. In this sense my main character is distinctly similar to the role of Elissa from the house at the end of the street, Due to the fact they are of similar ages and are in similar situations. In particular their matching traits of corrupted innocence are key factors as to why their roles are alike.Both roles unmistakably denote a classification of horror as apposed to visceral. Therefore it is likely that my film will attract a similar audience to that of the house at the end of the street and other horror films of psychological nature. It is stereotypical for children of young girls to engage in these types of roles in horror films because of their venerability. Therefore in terms of the representation of social groups my product presents young girls as defenceless victims.I believe that my main character is a successful representation of her social group, as she fits the typical conventions of the main role in psychological horror film.

Evaluation Question 4


During the planning process of my title sequence I created a target audience survey to get feedback about peoples preferred film genres and opinions on horror films. This was an effective way for me to take into account my target audience when planning the location, characters and props that I would use for my own title sequence. Using the most popular social networking sites such as Facebook and twitter to promote my survey I was able to collect a range of results easily and sufficiently. Through analysing my survey I was able to devise a target audience for my title sequence, as you can see from my results their was a relatively equal distribution in number of responses from both genders and they were mainly in the age range of 17 and younger therefore my target audience will be both male and female of around 17 years old. Furthermore the survey results have inspired me to create my title sequence in the genre of psychological horror based on the style of films like ‘insidious’, ‘the house at the end of the street’ and ‘The Orphan’ as it is evident that the majority of people prefer psychological horrors to gory horrors. Due to these results and the chosen genre of my horror I have decided to limit the audience to anyone over the age of 15 as some material may be inappropriate for a younger audience. The responses I received also gave me a useful idea of the typical locations and characters people wanted to see in a horror film. As you can see in the final product, I made sure I took these suggestions into consideration when constructing my final title sequence. This is Theo, he is 17 years old, he loves watching films particularly in the genre of horror, his favourite films are ‘nightmare on elm street’ and ‘would you rather’.This is the typical viewer of the type of film I am going to create. He prefers horror films as they are the most exhilarating genre of film and endure the most physical reactions from the audience. Horror films also have a lasting impact on our lives in the way that they influence our apreheytions about certain activities, such as going into attics. Theo’s ideal horror film would contain dark, creepy locations such as the woods with sinister none diegetic sounds to compliment this environment. Furthermore he would be more inclined to watch a horror film that is psychological opposed to gory as he finds psychological scenarios more realistic. Likewise Theo feels its important that my film doesn’t contain too much violence as this can often subtract from the realism of the plot. In addition he seems overly gory deaths as inappropriate to watch as they can be extremely traumatising for many viewers. To assure my full awareness of the view point of my intended target audience I’ve decided to strengthen my research by conducting a short interview, featuring the main questions from my research survey. In order to obtain the most beneficial response, I made sure my interviewees matched the description of my intended target audience, this information helped me make my media product as appealing as possible to my target audience.

Evaluation Question 6


Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 22.00.40.png


I have learnt many new things throughout the course, all of which have helped me significantly in creating  my final product. In particular I have learnt to use a variety of advance software as well as equipment. For example, during the editing face of my final title sequence, I used the programmes photoshop, After effects and Premier Pro. Each of these programmes were fundamental in the editing process. Premier pro enabled me to edit together my footage together skilfully and efficiently. It also allowed me to add effects such as editing the colour contrast and adding effects on top using ‘looks’, in order to give my opening an eerie atmosphere.  After effects was useful in creating and adding the titles to my sequence once I had finalised all the editing decisions, with help from a tutorial I saw online I created my own titles using some black ink and water. We also used after effects to create our own ident with the support of various online tutorials on video co-pilot. I decided to use the ‘translucent glass’ tutorial as a guide line for my ident as I feel that it reflected the genre of my . Through following this tutorial and adapting the method as I went along my skills developed significantly and I now have an accomplished understanding of a number of functions and features in after effects. In terms of equipment in the filming stages of my film title sequence, as well as the various preliminary tasks, I used a nikon d5300 camera, this was very beneficial as the nikon d5300 is an extremely high quality camera which produces excellent high quality video recordings, furthermore, through applying what i learnt in the previous tasks, I was able to take full advantage of the cameras features when filming my title sequence. For example through adjusting the aperture i was able to allow different amounts of light into the shot. This was an instrumental feature in achieving the dark shots in my title sequence. In addition I used a 30ml lens for the majority of the shots in my title sequence as this allowed more of the scene to be included in the shot. The tripod was used recurrently during the filming phase to ensure my shots were steady. More throughout the course I have used several online programmes such as, WordPress, Vimeo, survey monkey, twitter and Facebook. Using WordPress I was able to create my own online blog storing all my work and progress, this includes videos, photos, screenshots and write ups which I update regularly. I also made a Vimeo account to upload all my videos which I was then able to embed into my blog posts. During the planning phase of my title sequence I used survey monkey to conduct a target audience survey, this was an effective way for me to take into account my target audience when planning the locations, characters and props that I would use for my title sequence. Additionally using the most popular networking sites such as Facebook and twitter to promote my survey I was able to collect a range of results easily and efficiently. Each of these programmes have been valuable in extending my knowledge of technologies and has helped greatly in construction of my final media product.

Evaluation Question 7



Looking back at my preliminary task in comparison to my final title sequence, it is clear that my media skills have developed significantly. Not only have I picked up precise editing techniques to create fluent and effective continuity in my films, I have also learnt the importance of capturing a variety of camera angles as seen in my Mundane Task. In addition I have become more aware of the importance of stability, this is demonstrated through my consistent use of a tripod in the various introductory tasks in order to keep my footage clear and professional. For example, in my mundane task I used a tripod in every shot that was captured. Similarly I was also extremely dependent on a tripod when filming my title sequence. I also learnt a great deal through experimenting with the various skills I had required through the previous tasks such as depth of field. This is evident through my application of this skill in my final title sequence. Furthermore, I have implemented a wide variety of camera shots, angles and movement throughout my title sequence. I used a range of close ups, mid shots and establishing shots.  In retrospect in the course of completing the various prepatory tasks, it is without a doubt that my confidence with premier pro and after effects have grown considerably. As a result, when it came to researching, planning and constructing my final title sequence I was completely at ease and new exactly what I had to do to accomplish the desired results, from ensuring each shot was a similar colour to maintain continuity, to constructing my own title transition on after effects. This knowledge in combination with my understanding of multiple of camera techniques, filed by progression from my amateur preliminary task to my final high quality product. Prior to the construction of my final title sequence, i created a title timeline of the film’Evil Dead’, in order to help me understand the structure of the various elements of a title sequence. I used this to establish the timing of each of the titles appearances throughout the title sequence. This turned out to be extremely useful as a template for my final title sequence, as it helped me structure the order of the titles adequately. This task also taught me the significance of the order and frequency of titles in allowing a sequence  work effectively. Like Evil Dead, my title sequence has a reasonably clear structure, the sequence begins with  the smaller roles, including directors etc and then the main actors towards the end in a bigger font to stand out. Following this exercise, I used after affects to practice the procedure of adding titles to a sequence, I therefore experimented with various fonts and effects. This task gave me the practical experience of determining which fonts and effects are suitable for particular genres of film.  Moreover I also used after effects to produce my own production company ident. This was an intricate process which also taught me a lot about the complexities involved in title building. To sum up, it is obvious that I have made obvious improvements in  my media skills through the progression of my preliminary task. Aside from camera skills, I have acquired knowledge from a number of programmes and after watching back my preliminary task my progress is clearly visible. The primary aim of this task was to demonstrate the understanding of three important filming techniques, the 180 degree rule, shot reverse shot and match on action. Although i believe I successfully accomplished the objective, the task was not faultless as this was the first time I had ever edited anything using premier pro, the continuity between shots is not always 100% spot . Also in terms of angles and movement, my use of camera is often limited which indicates I was lacking experience and my skills had not fully developed at this early stage in the course. Additional media skills that I learnt throughout the course was time management, directing and screen writing all of which are fundamental in the production of a real film. In conclusion, it is evident that i have learnt a great deal throughout the progression from my preliminary task to my final title sequence and I believe that my new skills and knowledge have helped me produce a high quality, professional media product.